Tuesday, December 1, 2009


These are the next size down jeans! I am now one size smaller than I was before I was pregnant with Callie! After looking at the picture, I realized that layering for the one cold day in Florida was not the best way to show a slimmer me, but the jean size doesn't lie!
I went to Kohl's today to use my $20 Kohl's Cash. I had a hard time finding clothes for me (probably because Carson was with me). I tried on a cute little jean skirt that was a size smaller just for fun. It fit! I then tried on a pair of jeans in the same smaller size and they looked fabulous! Not only did I go down a size, I got a killer deal too (I know, I'm on this killer deal high).
Jean Skirt $34.00...sale price $10.20
Jeans $36.00...sale price $14.99
Kohl's Cash $20.00

Grand Total $5.56
Amount Saved $64.81
Percentage Saved 93%

Best Kohl's experience ever!