Thursday, February 28, 2008

Teacher Initiation

I started my new job at the beginning of the month. By the end of my first week, I lost my voice and could only whisper. I thought that I might need a trip to the doctor, but didn't want to ask for time off since it was my first week. After all, my class is made up of only 8 kids and I do have a full time teacher aid so whispering worked for a few days. Since I opted out of going to the doctor, I made my way through another week or so and Monday I couldn't take it any longer. I called in and went to the doctor. She said that I might have the flu, but it's been longer than 48 hours so she couldn't give me any drugs because they wouldn't be effective. Don't worry, I did get some drugs. However they were for pink eye and strep throat. Seriously??! So I've been out from work since Monday and today was my first day back. Tuesday I thought I was going to die or that I'd rather die than feel so horrible. Luckily I felt somewhat better Wednesday and even a little better today. I made it through the day and what do you know...tomorrow is Friday! That is kind of nice, though I'd rather go through a regular week at school than be that sick again. I am now officially a teacher with my student induced illnesses (one student had been out with strep the week before). Hooray for working with little kids!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My Busy Life

Alright, so life has been totally busy these days. I hate that I haven't kept up with blogging because then I get overwhelmed with everything that I need to mention that has happened. Here are some pictures that show what we've been up to.

Jordan's Birthday was January 25th. In the past we've had bigger parties, but this year we decided to go with a party of 3. We had fun and the cake was spectacular! Thank you Publix! Carson just decided that he was the one who was supposed to blow out the candles. So after helping Daddy, the candles were lit again and Carson got to blow them out all by himself. Carson had his first living room camp out with Daddy. Mommy had to go to work the next morning. Darn. It was so great because after about an hour, Jordan came and got into the bed. Carson got up around 1 or 2 in the morning and the first thing out of his mouth was, "Where is Daddy?!!" So both of the campers made it in the bed with me. Oh by the way, if you look at the picture of Jordan and Carson in front of the tent, you will see that Carson has inherited the dreaded CH-EE-SE picture curse from my mom. My mom always is in the middle of saying cheese when the picture is taken and looks hilarious. I LOVE YOU MOM! Lately we've been on a game kick. I think that we can thank Faye for that. In Jordan's birthday package from his family we got a game called Toss Up. After playing that game, we pulled out other games we've had but haven't played in forever. Just a little side note: Toss Up is a great game because even Carson can play it. Tiffany would be proud that we pulled out the old Phase Ten cards and I killed Jordan almost every time. A few weeks ago I had to go take a test to become certified in Exceptional Student Education K-12 (to keep my special education job). I PASSED!!! My dad was great enough to watch Carson so Jordan and I could go to Tallahassee to take the test. After passing the test, we stopped back by Dad's to pick up Carson. We ended up staying there for most of the night. We played around and built a fire. We shot off a few fireworks. I love that my dad lives in the sticks! It's so much more fun! Here's a video of some of the fireworks that my half brother Chris brought Dad. The video is just from our digital camera, but I think it turned out well. Listen carefully because you'll hear my brother Chance do his little scared girl scream.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Kindergarten ESE Here I Come!

I received a phone call this morning and guess what!!! I have a job! I will be teaching at Waller Elementary, Kindergarten ESE. My class will consist of 8 students. I will have a para for 6 hours of the day. A speech person will come in too. It's so exciting and so scary all at the same time! I'm sure it will be some of the hardest work I have ever done, but it will be the most rewarding as well.

And the Winner is...

Don and Lisa Osborn!! Congratulations! Sorry I am a day late announcing it. Carson drew yesterday morning, but it was a crazy day. I have the pics of him drawing, but will post them tonight because Jordan took the cord for the camera and I don't know what he did with it. Anyway, congratulations!!!