Thursday, December 29, 2011

First Loose Tooth

Carson could not wait until his first tooth came out. Everyone else was losing teeth, but him. Finally the time came for his first loose tooth. He loved it. Then, he realized it had to come out...not so fun. He was quite the scared one. It took 4 minutes of coaxing to finally get it out. This was the Sunday of the Primary Program so we were rushing around trying to get to church early. All throughout the program he kept feeling the hole where his tooth used to be. Here's the whole tooth extraction. If you decide to watch the whole thing, be sure to notice the huge proud smile at the end. I was able to capture complete joy on his face.


This is Bob. He's our elf on the shelf. This was his second year in the Gold home. Last year, he was a bit shy. This year, he was much more mischievous. For any of you that don't know about elf on the shelf, he's an elf that flies back and forth to the North Pole every night to report on how the kids are doing (naughty or nice). When the family is around, he is still like a toy. When we are sleeping, he becomes his elf-self and can sometimes get into things. If the elf is touched, his magic disappears. Carson named ours Bob (let's just say when baby #3 rolls around, he won't be helping us name it...hehe). Here are some images of Bob and his adventures.

Bob found himself a girlfriend. Don't worry, we didn't tell Mickey.

One night Bob decided it would be humorous to color the kids' noses. He chose a marker from Callie's room. He thought he was getting green, but really ended up with purple (that's why the marker lid doesn't match the noses).

At first, the kids didn't notice the marked up noses (perhaps because it was wearing off from all of their tossing and turning). They came into my room and Callie announced, "The elf took my fricking marker! That naughty elf came into my room and took my marker!" First off, I was completely appalled at the word choice and knew I needed to be a little more careful about my language. At the same time, I was overcome by laughter at her thought process. I regained my composure and asked them which one of them had marked on their noses. They both looked at me shocked and told me neither had. They ran to the bathroom to check their faces. We decided it must have been that pesky elf, Bob.

Bob became quite active the week of Christmas. He decided it would be funny to doodle on the kids' pictures. They got a good kick out of it.

One night Bob decided to go repelling with Barbie. It looks like Barbie was stuck and in need of some help. Bob was coming after her when the kids woke up and he was forced to become a toy.

Christmas Eve was Bob's last night with us. He decided to TP the Christmas tree
before he left.

He even left us a little note.
We are going to miss our little buddy Bob the elf. I'm sure he'll have lots of new adventures with us next Christmas season.