Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mardi Gras

Pre-K puts on a Mardi Gras parade at Waller every year. They make masks to wear, pass out beads, and dance. This year Carson was in the parade. He was so cute! Jordan came up and brought Callie too. It was nice. Carson has really grown a lot this year at school. I was really worried that he would be bored at school because he already knew a lot going into Pre-K. He has learned so much and grown up a lot this year.


Alright so I'm over taking pictures of my couponing deals. I'm still couponing my little heart out. We've established a new budget and have stuck to it. This has helped us save up for our trip to Disney. We are going the first weekend in April (my Spring Break). Duane and Faye are coming with us. We are super excited! Carson has been begging to go back for the past two years.

Carson is absolutely hilarious at this age. Yesterday he was outside playing because it was finally gorgeous. He picked up a big stick and ended up scratching his chest with it. There was some blood. He came in and we cleaned it up. He wanted a big band-aid on it. We were out of them, so I told him I would just use lots of little ones. So I began using my pre-nursing classes and bandaged him up. As I put a few band-aids on, Carson stopped me and said, "Mommy, I'm going to only have one booby. I can't have just one. I'm supposed to have two." Every day he has something silly like that to say.

Callie is into EVERYTHING! I totally forgot that 15 month olds are like tornadoes. She is always digging in my purse and emptying my wallet. She never messes with Jordan's stuff. It's always mine. She has developed a little attitude. She wants to make sure that even though she is small, she is still here.

Jordan is still tackling the Mr. Mom role. It's not been as glamorous as he had originally thought. He is really doing a good job though. He has 6 more classes until he graduates. HALLELUJAH! I love teaching, but I'm ready to switch roles too!

I am still teaching 3rd grade. I just survived another year of FCAT Testing. This year I've been less stressed (even Jordan noticed). I've joined Weight Watchers online. A lot of the girls at work are doing it at school. I've lost 17 pounds and am down 3 sizes. Hip hip hooray! Now that I'm losing the weight though, I am getting the baby bug. Jordan has to hurry up and get done with school so we can try for baby #3. That's what we have been up to.