Sunday, July 27, 2008

Trash Talking at Disney

A talking garbage can?? Only at DISNEY! We came out of the restrooms and saw a talking garbage can.
Do you see the guy in the upper left hand corner with a blue shirt, hat, and glasses? You may have to click the picture to enlarge it and find own version of Where's Waldo. He is holding something and talking into it. He was the talking garbage can. No one figured it out because he looked like a tourist. (Well Jordan figured it out because he's a smarty.) He had a messenger bag on that had the controls to move the garbage can and a microphone he held in his hand. It was hilarious! We seriously sat there and watched people interact with it for a good 20 minutes. It was great to watch kids and adults open the trash can to see if there was something inside that was moving it. I LOVE Disney!!

Disney Trip #2

First off, NO KIDNEY STONES THIS TIME!! Hooray! We were able to use up our tickets and have a blast. Second off, park hoppers are not something to invest in if you have kids. We paid the extra to make our tickets park hoppers (so we could go to more than one park a day if we wanted to). There was so much to do with Carson that we really didn't use that feature to our advantage. We did have a wonderful time. We started off at Hollywood Studios (formally MGM). Carson met Mater and Lightening McQueen. This was the longest line we waited in to meet a character. We HAD to meet them though. Hollywood Studios was Jordan's favorite park because it took you behind the scenes and showed you the tricks behind making movies. There is also a lot of memorabilia. Now if this was Jordan's blog, the slide show would consist of every picture he took of the memorabilia. Since this is not, it will only have a few pictures of that. We went to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot too. I have a few stories from the trip that are blogworthy. So here is the condensed slideshow of our second Disney trip.

What ARE you dreaming about?

Carson took his nap last week and this is what he looked like. Should I be concerned? I wonder what he was dreaming about?? The joys of having a boy.

My Birthday - July 8th

Ever since Carson came along, the focus on my birthday has been switched to Carson's. It's way more fun to plan a party for a 3 year old than a 23 year old. Birthdays and holidays were always big in my family growing up. So this year for my birthday we decided last minute to go out and eat some BBQ. It wasn't a big huge deal, just Mom, Dad, my grandparents, and our little family. I got my hair cut FINALLY on my birthday so my hair was crazy and still wet when we went out to eat. When we were leaving after dinner, we came across the biggest UF fan in the world's car. It is tacky, but I couldn't resist a picture with it! We went back to Mom's to eat cake...not just any cake, but double doozie big cookie cake YUMM-O! The lady still misspelled my name despite spelling it for her right there. Oh well. I opened my presents there. Jordan bought me a game for the Wii. I really don't play the Wii much, but I did want a karaoke game. Can I sing? NO! It sure is fun though! I didn't want to karaoke in front of everyone because I do have a horrible voice, but I did. I ended up doing really well. I went platinum, unlocked a character, and unlocked a video!! We had so much fun! You can see the surprise in my eyes in some of these pictures. Thanks Dad for being the photographer since we left our camera at the house. You did a great job!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Best Week EVER...and It's Only Tuesday!

Okay this week has been the best week ever! Maybe that's because the last month and a half haven't been so great with the whole job waiting experience with Jordan and myself. At any rate, it has been a wonderful week! Jordan started his job this week. Hooray for that. However, we were planning to go to Disney Thursday-Sunday to use the tickets we didn't use when Jordan had his kidney stone. We're totally piggy backing this trip. Mom has a conference in Tampa that her work is paying for. They are paying for the gas/hotel/etc up to $2,000. This is why we can go to Disney now (plus Carson is about to turn 3 so we have to hurry and go because we didn't buy tickets for him). Our tickets, gas, and hotel are already paid for. We just have to buy food. HOORAY! The problem is Jordan just started his job. I was so worried they wouldn't let him off. They did though. What else could make this week better?? I HAVE A JOB!!!! The principal from Waller (where I taught Kindergarten ESE for part of last year) called me late last night. She couldn't find my number and remembered that my Uncle John was my uncle and works at the purchasing department (he had called her when I interviewed back in February to put in a good word). She got my number from him. She told me that the regular education Kindergarten class she thought would be available was not yet. She did have a third grade job. I jumped on it! I LOVE third grade. I did my student teaching in it last year. I just might have some lesson plans I can use from last year! How amazing is that?!!? It gets better...right now there is STILL a hiring freeze. So no jobs have been posted. Since I did work last year and received a letter saying I would not be guaranteed a job back next year, the superintendent said she could change the letter. So that means all I have to do is go sign papers tomorrow. I don't have to interview. The job does not have to be posted. She doesn't have to interview a certain amount of candidates either. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!! I told you this week is the best week ever...and we haven't even been to Disney yet!!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Boy or Girl?!

After weeks of continuously looking at baby #2, my mom has officially called it. We are having a GIRL!!!! We're so excited!! Baby Callie will be here in December.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 4th

Every year (except last year when we were visiting Jordan's family) we always do the same thing for the 4th. We start the day by going to the Lynn Haven Parade. It is really not a spectacular parade by any means, but is something we just have done for forever. Carson had a great time this year. We put him near the road so he'd get some candy and beads. He ended up with a ton of beads and candy.

Afterwards, we headed to my aunt's house for a cook out and a swim. The missionaries were tracting in her neighborhood. So we invited them to join us for lunch. We had a ton of fun. Afterwards we went home for a quick nap. Then we went to another cookout at the Glanzers. We followed this with fireworks on the beach. They were gorgeous! If you've never sat with your toes in the sand, with the waves crashing, and a nice breeze blowing while you watch the fireworks, you are really missing out!

An Answer to Prayer

Jordan received a call back finally from Berg Pipe (he applied there the first week he was laid off). We were so excited because it was killer money. He called me after his interview to tell me that they wanted to hire him. They even offered college reimbursement. There was a problem...the schedule. It rotates every 3 weeks. There is no way for him to go to school and take this job. I was devastated! I knew that there is no way for him to take this job, but it sure was good money and we could totally use the money. After accepting the fact that he could not take this job, we were both bummed for the rest of the day. Then Jordan received another call. Okay, Jordan had not yet received a call back in the entire month of June. We were so excited! It was for a job that he applied for the first week he was laid off as well. It's a company called Del Jen that the Air Force Base uses to do the landscaping and grass cutting for on base. This job has great hours 6-2:30. It is seasonal and ends in September (how great would it be for him to work the summers while I still get my teacher pay??). It works out perfectly for his schooling. He will even be making more money than he was at Century Boats (only by 2 cents...HAHA). With the holiday (Independence Day) being the week he interviewed, it has slowed the hiring process down because the military likes to take a very long weekend then. Jordan will start this coming Monday. Hooray! This is definitely an answer to so many prayers.

Writings on the Wall

Carson has been so great to get his art box out and color all on his own. He is very independent. I had a thought a few weeks ago that we might not ever have to go through the coloring on the wall phase. A few days later, I was wrong. I was explaining something to Jordan when I heard Carson making some noise. I didn't know what he was doing, afterall he is pretty noisy. After a few minutes of the constant noise, I went to find out what he was doing. He was coloring...ON THE DOOR! Do I yell at him or do I grab the camera thinking this would be a good blogging experience?

Of course I grabbed the camera! We did have a talk about not coloring on the doors or walls. As I grabbed my 409 and some paper towels, I hoped the crayon would come off easily. The purple came off so easily. I looked down at the crayons on the floor and realized he had some that were washable and some that were not. The only purple was washable. I looked for the orange crayon. There was only one of those too and it was washable! However when I went to clean up the orange, it wouldn't come off. I didn't understand. I stopped scrubbing and took a step back. I found the culprit...the NONWASHABLE orange crayon. Needless to say I quickly threw the few regular crayons away that did not say washable on them. We are now a washable only crayon house.

So Much to Post...

I hate getting behind with blogging. I get so behind that I don't want to blog because I know it is going to take forever to update my blog. I've finally made the time to do this though. After I'm done, hopefully I'll blog more since I won't be so overwhelmed.