Sunday, July 27, 2008

Disney Trip #2

First off, NO KIDNEY STONES THIS TIME!! Hooray! We were able to use up our tickets and have a blast. Second off, park hoppers are not something to invest in if you have kids. We paid the extra to make our tickets park hoppers (so we could go to more than one park a day if we wanted to). There was so much to do with Carson that we really didn't use that feature to our advantage. We did have a wonderful time. We started off at Hollywood Studios (formally MGM). Carson met Mater and Lightening McQueen. This was the longest line we waited in to meet a character. We HAD to meet them though. Hollywood Studios was Jordan's favorite park because it took you behind the scenes and showed you the tricks behind making movies. There is also a lot of memorabilia. Now if this was Jordan's blog, the slide show would consist of every picture he took of the memorabilia. Since this is not, it will only have a few pictures of that. We went to the Magic Kingdom and Epcot too. I have a few stories from the trip that are blogworthy. So here is the condensed slideshow of our second Disney trip.


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