Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 4th

Every year (except last year when we were visiting Jordan's family) we always do the same thing for the 4th. We start the day by going to the Lynn Haven Parade. It is really not a spectacular parade by any means, but is something we just have done for forever. Carson had a great time this year. We put him near the road so he'd get some candy and beads. He ended up with a ton of beads and candy.

Afterwards, we headed to my aunt's house for a cook out and a swim. The missionaries were tracting in her neighborhood. So we invited them to join us for lunch. We had a ton of fun. Afterwards we went home for a quick nap. Then we went to another cookout at the Glanzers. We followed this with fireworks on the beach. They were gorgeous! If you've never sat with your toes in the sand, with the waves crashing, and a nice breeze blowing while you watch the fireworks, you are really missing out!


Alice Wills Gold said...

There is definitely something about watching fireworks on the beach...I was spoiled growing up...who wants to watch fireworks from a stadium?

I don't think we have EVER taken our kids to an actual firework show.

Jordan Gold said...

Alice is right, who wants to watch it from a stadium, although I do remember once upon a time sitting on the roof of a house and watching fireworks from a stadium. That was a funny time. Thanks to Alice and her family.