Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Best Week EVER...and It's Only Tuesday!

Okay this week has been the best week ever! Maybe that's because the last month and a half haven't been so great with the whole job waiting experience with Jordan and myself. At any rate, it has been a wonderful week! Jordan started his job this week. Hooray for that. However, we were planning to go to Disney Thursday-Sunday to use the tickets we didn't use when Jordan had his kidney stone. We're totally piggy backing this trip. Mom has a conference in Tampa that her work is paying for. They are paying for the gas/hotel/etc up to $2,000. This is why we can go to Disney now (plus Carson is about to turn 3 so we have to hurry and go because we didn't buy tickets for him). Our tickets, gas, and hotel are already paid for. We just have to buy food. HOORAY! The problem is Jordan just started his job. I was so worried they wouldn't let him off. They did though. What else could make this week better?? I HAVE A JOB!!!! The principal from Waller (where I taught Kindergarten ESE for part of last year) called me late last night. She couldn't find my number and remembered that my Uncle John was my uncle and works at the purchasing department (he had called her when I interviewed back in February to put in a good word). She got my number from him. She told me that the regular education Kindergarten class she thought would be available was not yet. She did have a third grade job. I jumped on it! I LOVE third grade. I did my student teaching in it last year. I just might have some lesson plans I can use from last year! How amazing is that?!!? It gets better...right now there is STILL a hiring freeze. So no jobs have been posted. Since I did work last year and received a letter saying I would not be guaranteed a job back next year, the superintendent said she could change the letter. So that means all I have to do is go sign papers tomorrow. I don't have to interview. The job does not have to be posted. She doesn't have to interview a certain amount of candidates either. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!! I told you this week is the best week ever...and we haven't even been to Disney yet!!!!


Alice Wills Gold said...

We are so happy for you and excited for your visit to the happiest place on earth.

i'm kelly said...

that is awesome! i hope the rest of your week was just as grand!