Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Birthday - July 8th

Ever since Carson came along, the focus on my birthday has been switched to Carson's. It's way more fun to plan a party for a 3 year old than a 23 year old. Birthdays and holidays were always big in my family growing up. So this year for my birthday we decided last minute to go out and eat some BBQ. It wasn't a big huge deal, just Mom, Dad, my grandparents, and our little family. I got my hair cut FINALLY on my birthday so my hair was crazy and still wet when we went out to eat. When we were leaving after dinner, we came across the biggest UF fan in the world's car. It is tacky, but I couldn't resist a picture with it! We went back to Mom's to eat cake...not just any cake, but double doozie big cookie cake YUMM-O! The lady still misspelled my name despite spelling it for her right there. Oh well. I opened my presents there. Jordan bought me a game for the Wii. I really don't play the Wii much, but I did want a karaoke game. Can I sing? NO! It sure is fun though! I didn't want to karaoke in front of everyone because I do have a horrible voice, but I did. I ended up doing really well. I went platinum, unlocked a character, and unlocked a video!! We had so much fun! You can see the surprise in my eyes in some of these pictures. Thanks Dad for being the photographer since we left our camera at the house. You did a great job!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Happy Birthday...I am so behind on my cards....SOrry....I am glad that you were able to have a great day, as I hope Carson did too....he will be getting his card late from me again. Oh well...never claimed to be perfect.