Thursday, February 28, 2008

Teacher Initiation

I started my new job at the beginning of the month. By the end of my first week, I lost my voice and could only whisper. I thought that I might need a trip to the doctor, but didn't want to ask for time off since it was my first week. After all, my class is made up of only 8 kids and I do have a full time teacher aid so whispering worked for a few days. Since I opted out of going to the doctor, I made my way through another week or so and Monday I couldn't take it any longer. I called in and went to the doctor. She said that I might have the flu, but it's been longer than 48 hours so she couldn't give me any drugs because they wouldn't be effective. Don't worry, I did get some drugs. However they were for pink eye and strep throat. Seriously??! So I've been out from work since Monday and today was my first day back. Tuesday I thought I was going to die or that I'd rather die than feel so horrible. Luckily I felt somewhat better Wednesday and even a little better today. I made it through the day and what do you know...tomorrow is Friday! That is kind of nice, though I'd rather go through a regular week at school than be that sick again. I am now officially a teacher with my student induced illnesses (one student had been out with strep the week before). Hooray for working with little kids!!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Oh man, I would hate that! Yucky! Yucky! It is bad enough to worry about what the kids are bringing home, but I am so glad that there are saints like you who are glad to teach kids like mine! Really! What would we do without you?

megan said...

Sounds like you were really hammered with sickness!!!! That really sucks!! You feeling any better yet? Hope you get well soon!! And that you have a lot of fun at your new job!!

missyjeanne said...

You should try that "airborne" stuff that says "invented by a teacher" I don't know if it works but you can try it and let me know!