Saturday, April 5, 2008

Our Little Family

I love our little family. Don't we just look so cute in this picture?! Yeah, I know that totally sounds like I'm tooting my own horn (too much Junie B.). It's just that for some reason the only time we get a really nice family picture is on Easter. It's worked that way for the last few years. By a nice picture I mean all of us have our eyes open and we all are looking at the camera (with a 2 year old this is almost impossible). So I wanted to share this picture because it's a miracle that it turned out so well. A lot has happened since my last post. Obviously I totally stink at blogging now that I am teaching. I love teaching, but man it is the most exhausting thing ever. Anyway, this week is Spring Break and we are going to DISNEY WORLD!! Jordan has never been and Carson is 2 so he's still free. We got a really good rate since we're Florida residents back in February. It's all worked out really well. We were going to go in the summer before Carson turns 3, but Jordan's work is closing down this coming week (no one wants to buy a boat with the great economy so they have been making cut backs a lot lately). So we found a killer deal on a nice hotel on Hotwire and decided to go for Spring Break. I'm really excited because we really have never had a family vacation that wasn't just to see family. Not that we don't love to see family, because we absolutely positively do, but this is our first family theme park vacation. It's funny because we invited family to go with us, but no one took us up on the offer. Now my mom and stepdad want to go, but can't. So she said we have to go again next year. I love my mom. So we're on our own on this trip. I can't wait!! We leave tomorrow and get back Friday. We have 4 day tickets and they are park hoppers, which means we can leave one park and go to another one on the same day. It's going to be so much fun!! I'll have to blog about it when we get back. Until then, here's what we've been up to...


Alice Wills Gold said...

What's up with the toilet pictures?

I hope you guys have a blast.

We would love to go with you, but we are still trying to figure out how to pay for the vacation to go and see the family (it has been 5 years)!

Yeah, it is way too difficult to blog and work. Seriously, I figured you would quit posting so much...Blogging is like a full time job for that I am starting to slack on too.

I am so glad to see you post...You guys do look so cute on Easter.

You just need to add a little girl to the photo to make yourselves a pic perfect family.

Alice Faye said...

I laughed so hard. He is such a Jordan. I'm sure he is going to love that picture in a few years. Pray he has a sense of humor like the rest of the men in the family. Can't wait to hear how your DW trip went. Wish we were with you. I'm home cleaning out closets so Logan and Amy and Lily will have a place to hang their clothes. FUN!! Love ya!!