Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An Appropriate Designated Smoking Area

Alright, I know I just posted this picture of my school. It is important to take a look at it this time for this particular post. It looks nice right? Good. Keep that in mind as you continue to read. There are some faculty members who smoke. The problem with that is they have to be so many yards or feet away from the school campus, by law, to do so. Where do they go? Why on the other side of the road. Right across from the front of the school. I wanted to take a picture of it to share, but I wasn't sure what others would say if I was taking a picture of it. It might look a little odd. Instead, I lifted a similar picture from Google so you don't have to use your imagination. So where do the smokers go to smoke their cigarettes at my school??

The CEMETERY!!!! How ironic!


Alice Wills Gold said...

They're one bout of emphazema closer!

Amy Niebuhr said...

I love it!!

Alice Faye said...

Funny!! I would like to pass that picture on to the person who was at Dollywood yesterday and chose to not smoke in the desinated smoking area. Insteat she chose the area right where I was standing. There is always someone who disobeys that rule there. It makes me so mad but I'm too chicken to say anything.