Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kindergarteners Brighten My Day : )

I love Kindergarten! It's not like any other grade. Five year olds are just sponges! In what other grade will you get an entire class with their hands up ready to answer when you've only said, "Who knows", "Who can", or "Who will"??! They don't even listen to the question you are posing. I love them! They just crack me up!! Today they were doing it again. I was asking a question and two words into my question half of my class's hands pop up. Today I decided to have a little bit of fun with it. I giggled and told them that they had to put their hands down and raise them only after I asked the question. I knew they couldn't do this. Everyone, except one girl, put their hand down and awaited my question (or really the words "Who will"). Again I started with "Who will..." and half of my classes hands were high in the air. Bless them! I finished with "...give me a dollar?" You should have seen their faces. They were kind of confused. Some kids put their hands down. For those who did not I told them to pay up. They ended up laughing and putting their hands down. I thought that that might fix my eager hands. Nope. This is kindergarten, what was I thinking! "Who will..." *hands flying in the air* give me their big toe? Most put their hands down. I had one silly boy who I could just eat up keep his hand up with a smirk. I then said I guess I need to go get some scissors. Everyone busted out laughing. The next thing I know, one of my babies...bless his heart was coming back with the scissors box. My para and I looked at each other and giggled. He thought I was serious. This is the one that told me he needed to go to the doctor. (This is a normal thing for him when things are challenging.) I asked him why. He said his baby was coming and he needed to go to the doctor (as he rubbed his big Buddha belly). Again, Kindergarteners brighten my day!


Alice Wills Gold said...

You got to be careful with the sarcasm...last week at our ward picnic i told all the kids that if they peaked they would not get ANY candy....when one girl peaked, I sarcastically chided her and told her that I would be really sad not to give her any.

Fast forward 10 minutes...I see her crying to her dad....we had been done with the pinata for at least two minutes...she was crying because she couldn't have any candy!

I felt so bad...told her I was kidding...apologized profusely to the dad, and rounded up the poor peeking girl some candy!

Anyway....I would like to hear about what the kid with the scissor box told his mom and dad.

So funny! You are a fun teacher...they are the best kind.

JillianMarie said...

Haha sounds like you have a great class. I teach the five year olds for primary, they're so much fun! I love reading your posts :)

Alice Faye said...

I love this age!! I teach the 4-5 yr old class in Primary too and I just love it. WHen our kids started school their teacher said, "If you will believe half of what your child tells you about me then I will believe half of what he tells me about you." I have never forgotten that. Funny!