Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today was an extremely long day at school. I could not wait for it to end because the kids were so restless. We had "Vocabulary Day" today. Everyone in the school dressed up as a vocabulary word (since it's Halloween). My word was grouchy. I borrowed a Oscar the Grouch costume from Carson's babysitter and put a big E on the front. It turned out cute! Hopefully I will get a picture of it back from Mrs. Adams who was photographing everyone in their costumes. Tonight I took Carson trick-or-treating with my mom. (Poor Jordan has had school the night of Halloween for the past two years and has yet to take Carson trick-or-treating.) Anyway, we went in my grandma's neighborhood (I went there as a kid). I love it because it's usually not very crowded and it consists of mainly retired people who love to sit outside and look at everyone's costumes. This afternoon I left school right at 2:45 and picked Carson up for daycare. I got home at 3:15. I had to dry some clothes because Carson had an accident in his costume last night at my dad's house. (My dad is going out of town tonight so last night we went up to his house and showed off Carson's costume.) I ran to get pizza for dinner. Carson was excited about pizza, but when we got home he would not eat any no matter how hard I tried. Then as we were ready to leave (Carson was in his costume and everything), Carson had an accident AGAIN! He was in a pull-up, but his pants somehow did not make it. So I ran around frantically looking for some pants for him. Carson has outgrown everything recently so I was freaking out because I knew he did not have a big selection of clothes that fit. Luckily I found a pair of black windbreaker pants that worked. It was so frustrating though! After the incident, we made it to my grandma's and went trick-or-treating. We had a ball! Carson got way too much candy. He got a shower and crashed. Too bad we can't go trick-or-treating every night. I LOVE how tired it made him! How was everyone else's Halloween?


Alice Wills Gold said...

We hate Halloween. It is the world's worst invented holiday. I wish everyone would just buy their own kids candy and call it good. Yeah, I know, I sound like a big grump, but you just wait until you get a few more and see what you think.