Friday, November 16, 2007

What a Stinky Week

I can't believe it is already Friday!!! This week has been horrible! Jordan came home sick from work on Monday. He was throwing up blood. So we went to Seawind (the walk-in clinic). We then went to a gastro office. (We went to two doctor offices with Carson...Daycare was closed Monday.) The doctor at the gastro place wanted Jordan to have an endoscopy Tuesday morning. He gave Jordan a prescription for some medicine that he needed to take for the endoscopy. I went to drop it off at Walgreen's (I love the drive through), but the doctor did not put how many he wanted Jordan to have. I explained the ordeal but the lady couldn't do anything. The Dr. office was closed. She said she could call first thing in the morning, but I told her that would be too late. I called mom crying not knowing what to do. She helped me out. Somehow we ended up with the prescription. Then I went to pick up Pizza Hut because it had been a day. I got back in the car to find out my car was dead. I had to call Jordan to jump it off. However, my car did not start. I was exhausted and in tears again. It had been a day. I really needed to work on my portfolio for school that day. I had to call my supervising teacher and tell her what was going on and how I wouldn't be there Tuesday. She is so wonderful because she said, "Don't worry about it. Don't bother coming in at all Tuesday. Get your husband better. I'll pray for you." I went to bed that night thinking the next day would be better. It wasn't. Luckily daycare was open so Carson did not have to come with us. Jordan had an appointment at 10. I left him at the surgery center to grab breakfast. The Dr. the day before said the procedure would be about an hour. It was far from that. I came back a few minutes before 11 with a full belly and a word search only to find Jordan still in the waiting room. To make a long wait short, we didn't leave until a quarter til 2. Luckily Jordan just tore his lower esophagus with his throwing up. They said he had had a virus and that is how it all started. Wednesday I woke up with the virus!!! I had to leave school early. On my way home, the car died AGAIN! I didn't have my cell phone this time. Luckily it broke down right next to the daycare Carson goes to. I walked to Mrs. Karen's and used her phone. At first I couldn't get a hold of anyone. Finally I called Rebecca and she came and took me home. I didn't get to make it to YWIE that night. It was a bummer because we had put a lot of work into it and I didn't get to see how it all turned out. I heard it went great though. Thursday I was still sick. I was counting on this whole week to finish my portfolio and FHE Swap #2. Needless to say I am so far behind. I need a week that no one else gets just to catch up. Thankfully I feel better and so does Jordan, but my mom is feeling sick now. She helped with Carson and dinner while we were sick. Last night she came over with a ton of groceries. She thought that with the week we had had, we hadn't made it to the grocery store. She was right. She was so sneaky about buying us groceries. She said that she wanted to split some chicken with me and asked if we had room in our big freezer. I told her we did. She needed to know this for groceries. This is one of the sweetest things anyone has done. It was so great because she bought chocolate milk, good breakfast stuff, etc. that we normally don't buy because we are tight on money. Then her hubby bought us a $50 gift card for gas. It was so thoughtful! Maybe next week will be better!!


Alice Wills Gold said...

WOW! My life sounds great compared to yours this past week. I hope things are getting better. I was glad to hear it wasn't anything too serious with Jordan. Faye had me all worried.

The only really crappy thing I can talk about this past week was my job interview with LG's boss. The hot topic of the interview was how to do laundry..what the? Do people really think that stay home mom's don't have a brain at all?