Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Like Father, Like Son

Last night Carson surprised us again with something not so wonderful. Carson loves to take medicine. I thought that that was good when he was sick about a week ago. I didn't have to force it down him. Plus he would remind me that he needed his medicine. He is just now over his little cold he had. Last night while I was watching tv and Jordan was on the computer, he came to Jordan with an empty bottle of Triaminic and said, "Carson drank it all gone daddy." We totally flipped out. The medicine was out because he had been sick and had been taking it up until just a few days ago. It was on top of the microwave, but he managed to climb and get it. He then managed to open the "child proof" top. I figured there was about just under a half of bottle of medicine left in there. Carson was sticky with medicine all over him so we knew he didn't drink all of it. We called the Poison Control number in the phone book. It just rang and rang and rang. Then we called the pediatrician and an on call nurse called us back. She gave us the local Poison Control's number. While Jordan dialed one number, I dialed the other on the cell phone. The local Poison Control was busy for 30 minutes. The other Poison Control number from the phone book just rang and rang and rang for 30 minutes. We called the nurse again. She said to call the pharmacist at Walgreens (the only 24 hour pharmacy in town) to see what the active ingredients do to a 2 and a half year old. At this point it is 10:30 at night. He said it would only increase his heart rate and make him have a lot of energy. He told us that we should be grateful it wasn't a cough medicine (it was Chest and Nasal Congestion). A cough suppressant would have worked like a sedative which would have put him out and been scary. He reassured us that he would probably be fine. When we called the nurse back (at her request) she said that she felt much better about the situation. She had told us before that if we did take him to the ER, they would assume he drank the whole bottle and treat him for that. We sat this one out at home rather than the ER and Carson was fine. Holy moly! Another exciting day in the Gold home.


Alice Wills Gold said...

That kid is just like his dad!

Pops said...

time to update that profile
College Grad!!!!!
Dad is proud and loves you!!!