Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I Did It!!!

Callie is three months old and will be four months on April 5. Today is a milestone! I have on a pair of prebaby Callie jeans! YAY! I have been working so hard at this and am finally there! I am still going to keep working at it, but I am so excited! I did it!!


Alice Wills Gold said...


BTW - THANK YOU SOOOOOOO VERY MUCH FOR THE HAND B DOWNS...I have a dresser full and a tote full waiting for 3 months. You guys are the best...I almost have everything I need. Thank you thank you....I was loving you and Jordan while I unpacked last week!

Now if I can just get back into pre-baby jeans....that hasn't been done since b4 Abigail.

Jodie said...

Yay! That is awesome!

Alice Faye said...

Will you please loose some for me so I can get back into my pre-Jordan jeans.

The Larson Family said...

That is so exciting!!!! I can get my jeans on, but I cannot move in them! Haha!