Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Primary Activity

A couple of weeks ago we had a fabulous Primary Activity. It was about Family Home Evening. It was really neat because it was set up just like FHE. We had a song, prayer, scripture, story, activity, treat, and closing prayer. The activity was to make a FHE chart. Carson had fun making it. We already have a nice one, but he still loves his. The other activity was a big water slide. The treat was snow cones! This FHE totally outdid any FHE we have ever done. It was a lot of fun though. Here are some pictures from the activity.

Carson and Aiden play so well together. They're becoming best buds.

The Primary President was able to get the slide and snow cone maker for free. She is quite amazing!

Click the picture and look at that face up close! If he didn't love Primary and FHE before, he does now!