Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 Resolution

Two thousand eleven was a very difficult year for me. It was the end of Jordan's college undertaking. This meant he was going to get a fabulous job making enough money so that I could stay home and raise Callie. It was supposed to be the year we got pregnant with baby #3 and continue to grow our little family.

As the school chapter of our lives came to a close, I grew very excited. Where would Jordan get a job? Would he get it before the summer so that my summer checks could be put into our money market account to help save for a nicer/larger home? Would we have to move? The thought of packing up our life and moving excited and frightened me all at the same time. As time progressed, the summer came and went without finding any kind of job. Thankfully we were used to living on a meager teacher salary, so we were accustomed to very tight budgeting. Right before the school year started last fall, Jordan got a part-time job with Hertz. We were very grateful. He has continued to work at Hertz part-time while still looking for a full-time position elsewhere. We have chased lead after lead without luck. Needless to say, my 2011 was not what I expected it to be. Many of my dreams and goals were forced to be put on hold. All of the stress from our situation and the disappointment really took its toll on me.

As 2012 approached, everyone began making their resolutions. As I thought about what I wanted from 2012, I realized it really came down to one thing...happiness. So my goal for 2012 is just one be happy no matter what the situation may be. It sounds a little selfish and not that big of a goal until you break it down as to how I'll be able to achieve it.

1.) Read My Scriptures Daily - Last year, I hate to admit it, but I did not read daily. When I do read, I always feel peace. I need that peace daily to be truly happy,

2.) Family Home Evening - We were good about it during the first part of the year. When Jordan got his job we slacked off because his schedule changes weekly. Every Sunday I fill out our weekly dry erase calendar board to keep us all on the same page. This year I'll put FHE on a day when all of us will be home, not just autofill it on Monday.

3.) Exercise - I'm not one of those people who loves to exercise. I like when I'm half way done...I feel proud that I made myself do it and feel energized afterwards. The last six months I've done a lot of stress eating. Exercising will help me feel good and help take care of that stress eating weight.

4.) Keep My Toenails Painted - Painted toenails make me smile. I've always loved having polish on my toes. They rarely go naked...until last year. The stress of everything just seemed to consume me until I didn't even make time for myself. This year, they'll never go naked. Just thinking abut that makes me smile.

5.) Try New Recipes - I love to cook, and I do so regularly. I love not only providing a delicious meal for my family, but the art of cooking in my kitchen by myself is quite enjoyable. It is one of those things that makes me happy, and I'm good at it. I'm usually up for trying new recipes. Last year, I didn't try the first new recipe...wait, I did try one at Thanksgiving. This year I am going to dig through all of my recipe books and find some recipes to try.

6.) Get My Craft On - Last year I didn't make time for this...not the first scrapbook page or hair bow made. This year I'm making time for crafts. I enjoy them and they make me happy. I'll even include the kiddos in some.

I know my resolution is a little different this year, but I'm excited to see how 2012 turns out because of it. What is your resolution for 2012?