Tuesday, June 12, 2007

John Deered and The Passover

This weekend my brother, Chance, was telling me about a missionary who served here. Since he's been home he has married and had a kid. I was in disbelief because when we had him over I thought he said he had been Dear Johned (his girlfriend broke up with him via mail while on his mission). However instead of Dear Johned coming out of my mouth, John Deared came out. So I told Chance, "Wasn't he John Deared??" Everyone busted out laughing. Now I will always have to stop and think before I use that phrase.
This incident reminded me of something the little girl I nannied, Hannah, said. I had just picked her up from her Baptist preschool on the beach. We were driving back to town and stuck in traffic. Hannah was keeping me entertained while we were at a stand still. She went on to say, "Miss Mag-in (that's how she has always said my name), the Passover is almost done." I am thinking okay isn't the Passover around Easter time?? This was July. I thought I misunderstood her, so I asked her to repeat what she said. "Miss Mag-in, the Passover is almost done." At this point I am thinking what in the world is this preschool teaching her?! She could tell I was puzzled. She expounded, "You know the thing they are building that makes the 'boom' sound when the work on it." She pointed to the overpass they were building right next to the road we were on. It was hilarious!!