Thursday, June 7, 2007

New Haircut

My hair lady moved to North Carolina a year and a half ago. I've had my hair cut twice since she moved. However, I'm in a hair funk. My hair is always pulled back in a ponytail. I need some serious hair therapy. My hair is crazy though because it's wavy/curly. Some days it curls really well on its on. Others, it's more wavy. This makes it hard for me to find a hair style. We were watching Stranger than Fiction the other night and Maggie Gyllenhaal's hair in the movie is like mine. I kind of like her hair all short. It works for her, but I don't know if it'd work for me. It is time for a change though!! Any suggestions for a hair cut and style?


Lisa Leonard said...

I think you should go for it! I LOVE a new cut!! And yes, I do beaded stuff as well. Give me some ideas of what you'd like to see and I'll put some photos up. Thanks for the encouragement!! xoxo L

Mom said...

Cute cut! Ask a good stylist if it would work for your hair type.