Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Tackle It Tuesday

Alright so I have totally slacked on my blogging. I keep feeling like I have to wait for pictures to tell what has been going on. I checked my camera the other day and there are 200+ pictures which haven't been uploaded to my computer yet. I keep putting off blogging because I know that there is so much that has happened and I feel I will need a good 2 hours just to write. In between making lunch and doing the laundry today, I decided to go ahead and write. I'll fill in the gap from July to August later. Today is Tackle it Tuesday. Since I start my student teaching Thursday, I have a lot to tackle!! My biggest thing that I am tackling today is LAUNDRY!!! I am behind somehow and as soon as I think I have caught back up, there is another large pile to be tackled. So today is my huge laundry day. I don't think that laundry is every completely done, especially if you have a kid or a husband. While that is my big Tackle it Tuesday chore, my to do list is long for today.
-Take back movie (Return...not a fan of it)
-Cut out fabric for bags (We're making school bags as a service project at church)
-Buy velcro, bobbins, and thread (For church tomorrow)
-Dishes (seriously dishes are never ever completely done either)
-Dinner: Chicken Pot Pie (The Veg All recipe is great because it takes no time. I'm going to see Hair Spray at 4:15 so I have to have something cooked when Jordan gets home...he'll beat me home today)
-Make banana bread (Last week bananas were only 39 cents so I bought too many and have to use them somehow)
-Vacuum the living room (Carson always leaves behind crumbs)
-Work on Young Women In Excellence (I'm putting together a slide show for this special night in November. I have to start it while I have the time.)
-Work on Recipe Book (I want to type my recipes up so it's easier to share and read than on cards.)
While my list doesn't cover everything and doesn't seem too long, it is very time consuming. Hopefully during Carson's nap I can get some of it done. What are you tackling today??


Sophia C. said...

I'm so impressed that you are working on a November project in August! Wow! That's impressive! You have a huge to-do list for your Tackle-it Tuesday! What a fun idea. Hope you got it all accomplished! Have a great weekend.