Wednesday, January 9, 2008

The Cousin's Party

We have a lot of traditions on my Mom's side of the family during the month of December. One of them is the cousin's party. My grandpa and his siblings have a nice dinner party one night while the kids have their own party (the cousin's party). This year's party was at the creek. We ate, went on a hayride, the adults swapped crazy white elephant gifts, and the boys jumped into the cold creek while it was pitch black like crazy kids. My Aunt Kim brought a girl with her to the party. She said she had been on a hayride before. However, our redneck hayride is unlike anything that she had encountered. We had a lot of fun. This is always our favorite thing to go to. I took tons of pictures on the hayride, but it was pitch black outside and the flash made Carson blink in almost every picture. I'm slide show happy so here are the pictures from the cousin's party in a slide show.


Alice Wills Gold said...

So, now you will have to give me some slideshow lessons. Can you figure out how to post video in your spare time?

Love the format changes, especially the green and white in the background.

P.S. you are officially disowned for taking LG's side on the prostate issue!