Monday, January 7, 2008

Pictures from Vacation in Tennessee

Alright I totally gave up on the whole slide show thing. Alice, you'll have to help me. I uploaded my pictures to Flickr, but couldn't figure out how to put them on my blog. So anyway, here are the pictures. First, we made our way to Knoxville to see Alice and LeGrand and nieces. Carson had so much fun with the nieces. Now I am missing having someone to play with Carson. Here's a picture of Bella and Carson eating olives. What kind of kids eat olives?? Next we traveled from Knoxville to Waynesboro, VA to visit Jordan's cousin Joe. They have two girls, one is a few months older than Carson. They were fun to watch because they're both two. Mason and Carson played together, but then had their two year old "this is mine" fights. While visiting cousin Joe, Carson got to play with the adult's toys. Carson loves tractors so he was so excited that uncle Dirk had a tractor he could ride. As if that wasn't enough, cousin Jarrett's toy is a bus he bought. Seriously who owns a bus???! It cracks me up. After Virginia, we went to Jordan's parent's house in Kingsport, TN. While we were there, it snowed. I LOVE the snow!! It's so magical. I guess it's because I'm a Florida girl. However, Carson did not have the same outlook on the snow. He thought it was neat to watch, but when we came out to play in it he did not like it. This picture is of him running back inside. We also went to the new natural history museum while we were there too. Carson had a blast digging for bones.
We ended up having a wonderful trip. Now I have tons of catching up to do...laundry, Christmas decor packed away, etc. That's always the worst part about coming home from a trip.


Alice Wills Gold said...

I don't think I am the one to help with the slide show. I am still trying to figure out how to post video.

I have only posted one slide show and I used Picasa, and I have no recollection how I did it.

Love the pics., especially Bella. She is so CUTE with Carson and those olives.

I also just cracked up at the bus. I wonder which family member will get to honeymoon on the bus.