Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Callie?? Baby Porter??

Tuesday I finally went to the doctor for this pregnancy. Mom has been doing ultrasounds and gave me prenatals so I haven't neglected this pregnancy by any means. I just didn't want to take time off from teaching since I was out of leave due to the joys of getting the Waller Crud (pink eye, strep throat, and the flu). Mom asked the doctors and they said it would be fine to just wait until school let out. Insurance pays for an ultrasound on the first visit so I got to see mom during my appointment. She said we'd just measure and make sure the due date was accurate. It was, December 14th. The baby was being so good about spreading his or her legs so mom decided to just play around and see if we could see anything. She saw three lines, which means a girl!! She never checks this early because you really can't be sure for another few weeks. Mom kept checking and kept seeing the three lines. Then, she saw something that she said might be a boy. She only saw that image once so we'll see. In two weeks we'll know for sure she said. How exciting!! When we did the 3-D ultrasound, the pictures didn't come out so well because the baby kept kicking and kicking which made the pictures blurry.

Here is the view that looks like baby #2 is a girl.

Here is the 2D shot from the belly ultrasound. This baby is taking after Carson...look at the size of that head! (Mom actually said it was just the angle of the ultrasound.)


Alice Wills Gold said...

I hope it is a Porter... but if it is a girl maybe we can get a boy and use the cool name first!

i'm kelly said...