Monday, September 22, 2008


Three years old is such a funny age. Carson is always saying funny things. Here are a few of his latest Carsonisms.

This is a conversation we had Saturday morning.
Carson: "Mommy is it morning time?"
Mommy: "Yes."
Carson (looking out the window): "Yes it is. The sun is up and can melt the ice."

Another similar conversation the Saturday before last.
Carson at 5:00 a.m.: "Mommy, is it morning time? I want to watch cartoons?"
Mommy: "No. The sun's not up. You have to wait until morning."
Carson went back to sleep.
Carson at 7:00 a.m.: "Mommy, is it morning time now? Can I watch cartoons? The sun IS up!"

Church on Sunday.
An announcement being read: "We'd like to thank all of those who went this weekend to help clean up in Louisiana."
Carson: "Mommy, Nana went to LouisNANA."
(That's where her husband lives. She wasn't helping out or anything this past weekend.)

In the car.
Daddy: "Carson, what is your full name?"
Carson: "Carson Taggart Gold."
Daddy: "Good job!"
Carson: "Taggart like RRRROOOOAAAARRRR!"
(I am thinking he thinks his middle name is Tiger.)


Alice Faye said...

I love Carsonisms. What a fun age. I can't wait to see him-you and Jordan too, of course!!!