Sunday, September 14, 2008

Gas Hysteria

Thursday night I actually stayed up long enough to watch the 10:00 news. Normally I am in bed by 9:15 because I cannot function on a few hours of sleep like Jordan can. Anyway, the news said it would be best to fill up tonight because of possible gas increases or shortages. I told Jordan that we better fill up. I drive a total of 40 miles round trip to work and back daily. I was already running low on gas and thought why not fill up now and not have to stop on my way to work. So Jordan said he'd go fill up both cars. He went to fill up the first car with no wait. As he was finishing up and leaving, he saw a lot of people pulling in. When he switched cars and went back to fill up, he had to wait. We laughed about it the next morning because we figured it was all people watching the news. Hooray for media created gas hysteria. I called Mom early on Friday and told her about what we had heard on the news (knowing she was an early bedgoer as well and probably had not seen it). I told her that I didn't know if it really was going to be a problem or if it was just media being media. When I came home Friday I didn't really notice any gas stations. It was when I went to pick up Carson from daycare that I noticed the craziness. Cars were out in intersections waiting for gas. I have never seen so many people. Mom called and said she saw people waiting for gas at Wal-Mart all the way back at the lawn and garden section (the gas is all the way across the parking lot at our Wal-Mart and this means there were 15-20 cars in line). I couldn't believe how crazy it got. I got up Saturday for my yard saling adventure and noticed that many gas stations were out of gas. CRAZINESS!!! We didn't have a lot of price gouging like Tallahassee and other places (Tallahassee saw gas at $5.49 whereas we paid $3.79). It really made me think about my food storage and where we are at in that aspect. We've been doing well adding things monthly. I kind of saw a glimpse of what it might be like if there is a food storage. Scary!


Alice Faye said...

I told myself I was not going to panic about this gas situation but I'm going to Sam's tomorrow to replenish some of my food storage items!! Isn't it funny how we think of food first. HA

Alice Wills Gold said...

We are at $4.99/gallon in Knoxville right now.

And, I am totally going to Faye's if there is ever a real shortage...she makes the best stuff from her food storage!

But, we are going to have to buy the gas to get there first.