Friday, February 19, 2010

Weekly Roundup

Since I never blog anymore, I am going to start sharing my awesome finds once a week. So here's how I did this week. I hope it gets you excited about couponing, whether you want to start or want to get back into it!

Walgreens was a slow ad this week. I did get an awesome deal on toothpaste though without the ad. I used $15 of my Walgreens Register Rewards on Publix this week because there was nothing I needed that would roll them over before they expired. Walgreens is weird because you can't more coupons than items, but you can use a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. This means you have to find some filler items. Luckily paper towels were on sale for 50 cents and we needed some. Toothpaste was only 34 cents and came with a freebie on top! My total at Walgreens this week was $3.08. I saved $8.22!

CVS - Transaction #1

This week was a great ad with lots of deals to roll over my Extra Care Bucks (ECB). I only paid $3.49 and saved $25.07. I also got $11.50 in ECBs back.

CVS - Transaction #2

I did really good and was only going to have to pay tax until I checked the clearance and found this cool toothbrush that sings for 2 minutes so you know how long to brush. I couldn't pass it up and figure I'll throw it in Carson's Easter basket. It was on clearance for $4.50. My total for the second transaction was $7.69 (toothbrush and then $1.71 in tax). I saved $22.88. I did earn $10 ECB too.

Publix - Groceries

This week was more of a stock up week at Publix. I did rock out my best grocery shopping ever there (with my kids accompanying...I MUST be crazy). First I have to say that the kids were good, but I didn't get to do my normal walk down every aisle looking at everything, coupons, and tearpads. I ended up missing one that would have saved me $2. I found it after the fact because as I was checking out Carson had to go potty. While I waited on him in the bathroom I saw the tearpad. The lady also didn't take my Walgreens store coupon which they normally do so I missed out on another $3. So keep in mind that my bill should've been $5 less, but I will live. I got all 72 items for only $15.29. I saved $121.53. Hooray for 89% savings and each item averaging to 21 cents! I LOVE couponing and saving money!


jordan said...

you continually amaze me!!! I love that you are so into saving lots of money...Here we come disney!!!

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