Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Reasons We Love Florida

I'm surprised at how many people don't really like where they live. It's crazy to me because I absolutely love where we live. There are so many reasons we love Florida. Here are a few...

Sunsets at the beach.

Cars can drive on sand.

Fabulous kids to grow up with my kids.

Wonderful friends to do things with.

An endless supply of water.

It's the one place it's okay to show a little crack.

Great educational opportunities.

Grilling out requires an Aunt Jemima rag.

You never have to let the cat die.

There's no age requirement to become a hair dresser.

Hotels have special beds for kids.

Parks that bring a smile to your face no matter how hot it is outside.

Fun uncles that are willing to sweat along with you.

Redneck fireworks.

Parades that throw candy, beads, and popsicles.

Pools are everywhere.

Plants are shaped like our favorite characters.

You can nap anywhere.

Dogs are bigger than you are.

Everyone hugs everyone.


Alice Wills Gold said...

Hey, they have redneck fireworks in TN too.

And I am sure we can find a lot of those things here.

We need some more Gold in Utah.

Meagan said...

I guess you need to have another baby then :)

jordan gold said...

I love Florida. I love it everywhere I live though.