Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I have been pretty sick for the last week or so. Thank goodness it is finally passing. First Carson had it. Then, of course, the mommy gets it. Since I was sick, we did not color Easter eggs. I asked Jordan if I was a bad mom for not coloring eggs. I LOVE holidays. I get that from my mom. I was so excited about coloring eggs this year, but I couldn't make it off of the couch. Anyway, I am glad we were all feeling better on Easter. I was so sad about the yucky weather though. It turned cold and drizzled some. I had bought Carson's perfect Easter outfit at Doodlebugs and was so excited! Of course I chose something with shorts so it had to get cold. Luckily I picked up some great pants from the Gap for $6.97 a couple of months ago. Perks of the job! They were a little big, but thank goodness for the Gap's adjustable waists in everything on the baby and kid side. Carson is totally a little Jordan!!! You can tell in that picture of us at church. I woke Carson up early before church so he could get his Easter basket. I love this picture because he was yawning since I woke him up early. I should have given him his basket after he ate. He wanted to eat candy and wouldn't eat breakfast. I remember those days. I was the same way! There were a ton of people at church (it's always this way on Easter and Christmas in every church). It was nice thought because my grandparents, aunt, uncle, mom, brothers, and dad were all there. I love being with family! After church our extended family got together to hunt eggs and eat. Oh my goodness there was A LOT of food there. After a full belly I was asked to help hide the eggs. I grabbed Carson's basket and headed outside. We brought twelve eggs and left them in Carson's basket. However when I reached in the basket there were only six eggs and multiple candy wrappers. We had a little candy thief during our lunch. How funny! After hiding over a hundred eggs, it was time for the egg hunt. The little kids got a head start. It was so much fun to watch Carson. I had to open an egg to show him that there was candy inside. Once he saw the candy, he started finding the eggs. He is getting SO big!! It's crazy!!!
Carson had his little Cars Easter basket that my dad and Cheryl gave him. All of the boys tried to take his basket. At first we thought that they were after the eggs inside. So we gave them eggs. They threw them down and reached for the basket again. It was funny!
Needless to say it was a great Easter spent with family and remembering our Savior Jesus Christ.