Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sundae FHE

Sunday we all got together to do our monthly FHE lesson. I was in charge this time. I found a really cool object lesson on keeping the Sabbath day holy. Since not everyone goes to church all of the time, Chance read a cute little thing about excuses for not going to church on Sunday
No Excuse Sunday

In order to make it possible for everyone to attend church next week, we are planning a special no-excuse Sunday.

1. Cots will be placed in the Chapel for those who say, "Sunday is my only day for sleeping in."

2. Eye drops will be available for those whose eyes are tired from watching TV too late on Saturday night.

3. We will have steel helmets for those who believe the roof will cave in if they show up at church.

4. Blankets will be furnished for those who complain that the church is too cold. Fans will be on hand for those who say the church is too hot.

5. We will have hearing aids for those members who say, "the speakers don't talk loud enough." There will be cotton for those who say, "the speakers talk too loud."

6. Score cards will be available for those who wish to count the hypocrites.

7. We guarantee that some relatives will be present for those who like to go visiting on Sunday.

8. There will be TV dinners available for those who claim they can't go to church and cook dinner, too.

9. One section of the church will have some trees and grass for those who see God in nature, especially on the golf course.

10. The chapel will be decorated with both Christmas poinsettias and Easter lilies to create a familiar environment for those who have never seen the church without them.

Next, I read the following:
The Movie Test
Two ministers were mulling over some timeworn excuses given for not attending church. They decided to use these same excuses, applying them to something that most people like to do, such as going to the moves. They came up with this list:

1. I don’t attend the movies because the manager of the theater has never visited me.
2. I did go a few times, but no one spoke to me. Those who go there aren’t very friendly.
3. Every time I go they ask me for money.
4. Not all the people who go to the movies live up to the high standards of the film.
5. I went to the movies so much as a child that I’ve decided I have had all the entertainment I need.
6. The performance lasts too long. I can’t sit still for an hour and a half.
7. I don’t always agree with what I hear and see there.
8. I don’t think they have very good music.
9. The shows are held in the evening, and that’s the only time I have to be home with my family.

You can easily see how ridiculous these excuses sound to us when they are used in this manner. The next time you feel like missing a meeting, give your excuse the “movie” test. See if it still sounds important enough to justify your staying away.

I thought that that was cute. Anyway, we talked more about going to church and what activities we could do after church to keep the Sabbath holy. I brought out a lot of condiments such as pickles, ketchup, cocktail sauce, etc. I asked Brent if he would want any of these on ice cream. He said ended up saying no. I asked why and told him I thought he liked ketchup. He said yes, but not on ice cream. So I clarified by telling him, "So it's good, but not on a sundae?" Then we taped activities that were good, but not on a Sunday. Then I got out the sprinkles, cherries, whipped topping, etc. and asked if anyone would like these on their ice cream. Of course they did. Then we talked about things we could do on Sunday to keep the Sabbath holy. It went over pretty well because afterwards we made sundaes. MMM...anyway, I just wanted to share this really cool Family Home Evening lesson.