Sunday, May 6, 2007


Okay a lot has happened in the last few weeks. I'm totally slacking off with the pictures...sorry. First off, Nanny got really sick and went to the hospital. She stayed in it for about a week. She had pneumonia. They let her come home to Mimi's. She was in a hospital bed and hospice came to help Mimi. She passed away a week ago as of Friday. The family really came together though. It was weird because Nanny's other daughter hadn't really talked to us or anything for about 7 years. Then, all of the sudden she showed up about 2 days before Nanny died. I am grateful that I got to spend so much time with Nanny. She died at 95.
On a lighter note, I feel so domesticated because I made jam all by myself!! Mom and I went to pick strawberries a couple of weeks ago.
I picked 10 pounds. Mom kept picking on the row next to the one we were supposed to be picking on. She always does that. This time we really did have a crummy row. Carson went with us, but luckily fell asleep on the way there. He didn't wake up until we were almost finished. That was a very good thing because all he wanted to do was eat the strawberries that we had already picked!! When I moved the bucket so he couldn't eat those, he started picking his own to eat. We had to be careful of that. With my 10 pounds of strawberries, I came home and made freezer jam. It was super easy and so good! I ended up making 24 pint size jars of jam with all of my strawberries. Holy moly that is A LOT of jam!!! Good thing we bought a freezer a few months ago! I also felt so creative and artsy when I made my journal jars. They turned out so stinking cute. I was impressed with myself. However, I didn't know that I wasn't teaching that lesson so Sandra gave them out. Still, I was impressed with myself.
Our two newest additions to our home are a treadmill and a piano. We bought the piano and have been playing it since. Carson loves it! Whether its Jordan or me playing it, he always comes up and says, "Move Mama (or Daddy)!" He then proceeds to play it with us. The treadmill is on temporary loan from my mom because she doesn't have room for it. Plus she's a crazy woman with a gym membership and a treadmill at the house. I love her!!
Our other addition is my brother. How fun. Brent is living with us for a couple months so he can make some serious money at the base for the summer. Then he will go back to UWF. Anyway, that's the shortened version of what has been going on in my life lately.