Thursday, May 24, 2007

~*Domesticated Diva*~

My grandparents always plant a large garden in their backyard. There's squash, green beans, tomatoes, onions, new potatoes, and who knows what else. They put up 34 quarts of green beans two weeks ago. My grandma said they needed someone to pick more green beans or they'd go to waste because they didn't need anymore. So we picked three rows of green beans. Mom took a tiny bit of them and my grandparents took just a little more. Jordan and I were left with a ton!! So we went home and prepped the beans by snapping them and cutting them. The next day we went to my grandma's and canned the green beans. I had never done this or seen it done, so I learned a lot. It was easier than I thought. We ended up putting up 16 quarts of green beans! More to our food storage! I have put up homemade jam and now green beans. I am becoming a domesticated diva!! Stay tuned for more domesticated diva moments!!