Thursday, May 31, 2007

A FUN Weekend

This past weekend was a blast!! Somehow I was off last Friday so I only worked Saturday. Jordan was off Friday-Monday. We got to spend a lot of time together as a family. It was so much fun!! The first thing Carson and I did was go to Dad's Family Fun Day at work. My brother Chance went with us too. We couldn't take any cameras since a lot of things there are classified (he works for the Florida National Guard). I made a caramel apple cheesecake that was scrumptious for the event. We toured the new facility and then ate hamburgers and hot dogs. Carson was too excited about the giant moonwalk to eat. He jumped and jumped and jumped. When he finally came out to get a drink, he got a football "face painted" on his arm (we tried the face and he was not feeling that). So for the rest of the day he would hold his arm out and tell everyone "football". When we left, I figured Carson would fall asleep before we left the base. However, it was a long time before he fell asleep. I was washing dishes when I didn't hear him anymore. I came in the living room and this is what I saw.
I couldn't believe it! He took his juice, got in this little trunk, and fell asleep. He loves to get in the trunk, close it, and pop up. I had never seen him sleep in it though. Friday was our big clean day so that we could have fun the rest of the weekend. We started in our bedroom and didn't make it much farther than that. That's okay though because we went through stuff that we had been keeping for forever and got rid of a lot of it. Saturday we had an Elder's Quorum activity up at the Gomillion's house. It was a BBQ. Even though there wasn't a large turn out it was still a lot of fun to hang out with everyone (the Glanzers, Gomillions, Joe Speed, and us). Sunday after church we were supposed to go to Patsy's for homemade ice cream and brownies. I took a nap and Jordan was supposed to wake me up in time for us to go. However, we all fell asleep from the busy weekend and slept through the homemade ice cream. I was sad that we missed, but my body needed the rest! Monday, Memorial Day, we spent most of the afternoon up at my Dad's house. We brought Carson's big pool that we had never used along with some water balloons. The water was sooo cold, but Carson loved it! Jordan, Chance, and I ended up getting in there too with Carson (that pool is amazingly large). After playing in the pool, we went inside for delicious steaks, corn on the cob, and french fries. It was all so good! Then we topped it all off with a double big cookie that I picked up from Sam's (I LOVE Sam's!) This cookie was amazing!! It was really rich. It reminded me of a Double Doozie from The Great American Cookie, except it was two big cookies with frosting in between. After a belly full of good food, Dad and I picked some blackberries while Chance and Jordan filled up some of the water balloons. Carson napped during this time which was perfect because he would've thrown all of the water balloons as they filled them up. When we were done picking berries, the boys got into a water balloon fight. It was fun to watch. Chance got a massive bruise on his stomach from one. I have never heard of someone getting a bruise from a water balloon. They boys were crazy though because they put some of the balloons in the freezer for just a little bit. Crazy! Throughout the day, Carson kept getting on Dad's John Deere (which would make his other grandpa happy). Finally, Cheryl and Dad gave him a ride on it. He loved it!!
We had a wonderful Memorial Day with family.


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