Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Another Month Has Almost Come And Gone!!

I can't believe this month has flown by so quickly!! So much has happened. First off, I had two weeks off in between Spring semester and Summer. Carson and I had a blast!! I LOVED being home with him!! We spent a lot of time just playing outdoors. Carson loves being outside! I learned to love it by bringing a book to read outside with me. Carson could play for hours outside! He's definitely a boy!! After my two weeks flew by, I made my way back to school. I bought my books and made my way to the classroom. The lights were off in the classroom and the computer lab was locked. I saw a girl from school and she said classes didn't start for two more days. It was weird because normally they start on Monday but this semester they began on Wednesday. So, since my class is a Monday/Tuesday class, I didn't have class for another week!!! After feeling stupid, I was excited for the extra week! The next day, Carson and I had a water day. This was the first time Carson had seen or used water balloons. He LOVED them!! We also tried to make it to the beach before I headed back to school. However, the water was still cold so we didn't stay for long. Another thing we did during our little vacation time was go to Kid Fest. Kid Fest is so much fun!! There are vendors and all kinds of things set up for kids to do. I think it was like $5 for the three of us to get in. Carson got to see a firetruck. (He LOVES firetrucks...any truck really.) He got to get on the firetruck with Jordan. Another thing I tried to pack into my little vacation was potty training. I know it's really early for a boy, but Carson is constantly bringing me diapers and telling me he is poopy. So I thought why not?? He LOVES sitting on the potty. He always asks for a book, which is usually Reader's Digest. He's so cute!! The potty training thing has been going pretty well. Some days are better than others. He loves his underwear though and doesn't like his diapers anymore. Sunday, he did go poop without his potty at church. Speaking of church, we had a couple of fun activities this month for the Young Women that I want to share. However, it's getting late so I will post those tomorrow and finish any other updates.