Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Best Day EVER!!

Holy moly!!! Today has been a spectacular day!! How often do you hear that word...spectacular?? There is no other word to use though. Today I finally cashed in on my Christmas present (with one week before it expired) and got my coveted massage. Okay I have had one before once when I was 17, but it was just back and neck for an hour. This was a full body massage for an hour at Bay Massage. It was AMAZING!! I always tell Jordan to massage my back or rub my shoulders, but I never knew that having my arms, hands, feet, and legs massaged felt just as great. She even gave me a cold water afterwards. (If you go to Bay Massage, ask for Stacy...she rocks!) I could tell that I was pretty much useless for the rest of the day once I stood up after my massage. Everything just seemed to be moving in slow motion. It was wonderful!! Carson is just now taking a nap at 4:30 so I decided to tell you about two Young Women's activities we've done this month that were a blast. At the beginning of the month, we had a mother/daughter spa night up at Pam's house. The girls got everything ready to pamper their moms. All of the mothers, including the leaders (hooray!), got a neck massage, foot massage, and their nails painted. I figured that the moms would do the girls nails too. Some did but most didn't. They just enjoyed sitting around and talking to their moms. It was some great one on one time for them. It was perfect because Mother's Day falls in May. Another great activity we did was combined with the Young Men. We did a fear factor activity. It totally rocked! We had four different activities. The youth divided into two large teams. Each team member had the opportunity to participate at each of the four activities with the chance to earn a coin. Whichever team had the most coins in the end won. Of course just like in fear factor if you did not want to participate, you didn't have to. You also had your team members yelling at you if you didn't participate. It was great! At my activity, the kids had to put their hands behind their backs and dig for five coins in a plate of cold and sticky spaghetti noodles. It was timed too. If you got them all before the time was up, you got a coin.

I love this picture because it really captures the activity! Another activity was an eating one. The kids drew numbers and had to eat either a pepper, artichoke heart, raw oyster, or ugly fruit. Some kids wouldn't even try it. Some did and it didn't hold down. It was fun though. This picture totally paints the perfect picture of this activity!
The third activity we had was a faith fall. The kids were blindfolded and had to fall backwards into the arms of the Young Men leaders.

Chance makes it look so easy!! The final activity was a race of some sort. I was inside getting the prizes together while they did this. They each had snow cone machines and raced around the church. That's all I know. The kids had a lot of fun. We ended with a refreshment...kitty litter cake. Yum!
These are our kids that showed up that night. The group shots turned out great!

I LOVE being in Young Womens! Speaking of which I need to go finish dinner and get ready for tonight. We're making FHE kits!