Tuesday, April 3, 2007

An Exhausting Day

This is exactly how I feel today! I've been trying to keep up with school, keep the house clean, keep dinner on the table, do my calling, get Carson well, and try to keep myself well. It has been exhausting! I will be so happy when this semester is over!
I love that picture of Carson. I took it today. Carson would NOT take a nap today. I tried to rock him for about an hour. He still wouldn't give it up. I really needed him to sleep for a long time so I could catch up. I finally gave up on him by 4 o'clock. I admitted defeat and put in Finding Nemo for Carson to watch so I could get a few things done. I went to wash dishes. I kept checking on him. Then I started cooking. I continued to check on him. At this point I saw him laying on the ground in front of the tv. After I threw dinner in the oven, I went back to the living room to sit with him. He was in the same place I saw him the last time I checked on him (right in front of the tv). He was totally out. He looked so comfortable though. It was definitely a Kodak moment!