Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Dentist Visit

Look at the good little blogging mom I am. I had my camera in my purse ready for a blogging moment. However, Carson's first dentist visit was back in September. Our desktop has been out of commission for quite some time so that coupled with working are the reasons for the lack of posts. Now that Jordan has the desktop back in line, I have all of these pictures that I haven't posted about. So the next couple of posts are backdated. Back to the dentist, I wasn't sure how it would go. The hygienist said Carson may only let us walk him back and sit in the chair. I was prepared for that. Afterall, he is only three. Instead, he LOVED the dentist. He got his teeth cleaned and everything. The hygienist said that he had good spacing so he more than likely won't need braces. Awesome, especially since I had to have them. I was glad that Carson had a good experience at the dentist. He is usually good about cleaning his teeth, but now he is really good about it because he doesn't want to make the dentist sad.