Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Santa is in Town

This year we decided to go see Santa arrive in Panama City. It was a Thursday and Jordan has school from 5-6:15 on Thursdays. I dared to brave it on my own. Santa was supposed to arrive by helicopter at 6. He was then going to ride on a firetruck the few feet from it was to the mall entrance. So we had Santa, a helicopter, and a firetruck...all of Carson's top three favorites. Santa ran a little late that day which was actually very nice because Jordan got out of school early and met us. Carson was so excited! He was able to high five Santa. On the way home he asked if Santa was bringing presents tonight. I said no. He then responded, "That's right. Baby Callie's not here yet." Carson started asking about Santa back in June so I told him that Baby Callie would be here and then Santa would come. Now Callie is here and we still have 15 more days until Christmas. Poor Carson.