Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happiness vs. Joy

Tonight we had Family Home Evening at my grandmother's house. Once a month all of my aunts, uncles, and cousins get together and have FHE. There's always a quick lesson and dessert. It's great because many members of my family don't go to church often or even at all anymore. However, they all get together and participate in FHE. It's great! Tonight my grandmother had the lesson. It was on happiness and joy. She compared the two. (Our Mission President talked about this at Stake Conference last week so it was good reinforcement.) At any rate, my grandma started off by having us list three things that bring us happiness and three that bring us joy. Since I had just heard the talk from the Mission President, I knew how to place my answers. Three things that bring me happiness are: having a clean house!! shopping!! spending time with my family on the weekends (aren't they so cute)!! The three things that bring me joy are: the gospel of Jesus Christ!! knowing that my family and I can be together forever!! spending quality time with family/extended family!!
During FHE, my mom pointed out that happiness is more temporary. Jordan went on to say that you can go from happy to sad within minutes. However, joy lasts longer. The question came up of whether or not money can buy happiness. In my case, money could buy all three things under my happiness list. I could pay a maid to clean my house, and I would be happy. I could have money and go shopping. I could quit my job if we had the money and spend my weekends with Jordan and Carson. However in my joy list, money could not buy joy. Interesting isn't it?? I also made a connection too that I think is worth mentioning. When you have joy, you have happiness. However if you have happiness, you don't necessarily have joy. I just really liked sitting down and thinking about the two.