Thursday, March 15, 2007

School, School, School

It's midway through my last full semester before I student teach. I have been doing really good about pacing all of my assignments. Even though we have actual due dates, they are more like suggestions. Right now it's been hard to get into the schools because of the FCAT. Anyway, I'm caught up and a little ahead of the game. Today in my two major classes (Reading 2 and Math 2), the teacher reworked the schedule. Now we have two huge things due next Thursday. We have one week to get together a backboard and math activity to do at Lucille Moore. We're doing a math event for the entire school. That means we will have students from kindergarten to fifth grade that we have to adapt the activity to. So I have to do that and in reading we have another assignment moved up. It's called Novel in a Day. Each group has 2 chapters of a book that we have to act out (complete with costumes, props, etc.). It sounds like fun and I'm sure it will be, but it just requires a lot of work. Anyway, as frustrating as it is to fit in two more projects, I guess it is better to go ahead and get them out of the way. I'm that much closer to a diploma which leads to a real job with a weekend!!!! I can't wait!!!