Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Our Night Ride

Tonight after Jordan got home from school, we went to look for a roadside treasure that someone had found on Freecycle. It was a bunk bed. Someone must have already taken it because it wasn't there. I was kind of bummed because it would be so nice to have a bunk bed and move the bed in the spare bedroom into Carson's room. We would have a lot more room in that tiny room. Anyway, we decided to stop at our favorite 25 cents soda place to treat ourselves. (We rarely buy soda and keep it at the house. This way we have to really really want a soda because we have to leave the house to get one.) Jordan proceeded to get my newly favorite drink, Dr. Pepper (it was my favorite in high school, then I changed to Cherry Coke, and now I'm back to Dr. Pepper). Two sodas popped out instead of one. I know what you're thinking...that's not very honest, but can I tell you how much change those machines have taken from us in the almost year we've lived here (plus I have been going there since I was a little kid, so it has been taking my money for a while). Yeah yeah, justification. Anyway, if 7 nuggets from Chick-fil-a instead of 6 make my day of course 2 sodas for a quarter is going to make my day. Then we decided to ride around in hopes that Carson would fall asleep. We normally don't open our soda in the car when he's awake because he begs for some, and that is too hard to do in the car. So while we were driving, I decided to get my car rinsed. The paper mill has a little homemade looking thing that rinses off your car. I always get so excited because it is free. Jordan always laughs at me because of that. We were talking about whether or not we are allowed to even use it. I really don't know. A friend of mine in high school showed me it one day. I don't go to it often, but I told Jordan that if I live by the paper mill then I should be able to use it because it cleans off the pollutants. Sure, another justification. Really though if we weren't allowed to use it wouldn't it be in the gate or something? Oh well, one day someone may just have to come and bail me out of jail for trespassing so I could get a free car rinse.