Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sears Portrait Studio

Ever since Carson was born, I've been obsessed with getting his pictures taken at Sears. I always had mine taken there since Olan Mills closed so that is where we have been taking Carson. We had his three month pictures taken. They were absolutely gorgeous. However, the lady was such a fraud. She charged us more than she told us in the beginning. She just kept pushing me to buy buy buy. So of course that's what we did. They were great pictures. When it came time to get Carson's 6 month pictures (can you tell he is the first child??), I went in with a smarter approach. This time it was a different lady. She did a phenomenal job with our family picture. The first one she took was the one we wanted. She also got some really great ones of just Carson. Our plan was just to get the $9.99 package especially after spending so much just three months ago. The girl could tell that we were having a hard time and told us just to get the package and buy a proof sheet with the other photos we liked. It was a lot cheaper to do it that way. Sadly, that photographer went off to college. So this time when we went for Carson's 18 month pictures, I was a little worried. I came prepared with my coupons. The pictures this time were not as great because Carson did not want to cooperate. He wanted to play with all of the toys they use for props. We did get a few cute ones. Then when we went to order, Sears does not have the $9.99 package anymore. You have to have a coupon for that. I didn't print off that coupon because I knew you didn't need it. The lady said they changed it and you have to have it. I was so irritated!! She also said that Sears does not call to tell you that your pictures are in anymore. Instead, you have to do that. It had been a few weeks so I decided to call today and see if they were ready. They were. When I went to pick them up, the lady said there were a few extra in the package. Now normally they show you the extras and ask if you want to buy them. This time she gave them to me. So instead of having 5 sheets, I had 9 sheets!!! It totally made my day! It's like when I go to Chick-fil-a and order a 6 piece nugget and get 7 nuggets. I don't know why, but it always makes my day! Anyway, the picture to the left is one from Sears. Carson was 18 months old.