Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Alright, it has taken me forever to add new pics to my blog but I am finally doing it. For those of you who don't like the blogs that post tons of pictures, go ahead and make your way to a different blog (Alice...haha). I have been asked to add more pictures with the baby. Here are some pictures from Christmas.

This is a family picture of Christmas Sunday. It actually turned out pretty good surprisingly enough.
Christmas Eve we spend at my grandparents. We eat BBQ sandwiches and get to open presents from my grandparents and cousins (the grandkids exchange presents).

This year I took charge and passed out the presents.

The chaos of opening presents on Christmas Eve.

Carson loved opening all of his and Callie's gifts.

Callie just watched all of the craziness that is Christmas Eve.

Santa did come and visit the Gold house. This year Carson asked him for a fishing pole and a kitchen...two totally different presents. Jordan and I woke up early and made muffins for breakfast. We were waiting on Carson to wake up. I was so excited for Christmas this year because Carson is such a fun age. He really loved Christmas. I was in the other room when I heard him coming down the hall. I screamed and told him to wait and stop right where he was. I didn't have the camera and camcorder. I scared him because he was not expecting that. Poor guy. It was so great though because when he got up and saw what Santa brought him, he was super excited. He said, "Santa brought me a kitchen and fishing pole!" If you look carefully in the picture, there is no fishing pole. I asked Carson again what he got from Santa. He looked again and said, "Hey, where's my fishing pole?!" Thankfully Mommy and Daddy bought him one so he did get the two things he wanted along with a million other things. Again, Callie just sat back and watched.