Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gold Family Time

Jordan's parents came down on Christmas and stayed through New Year's Eve. Ali and LeGrand and their girls came down too during this time. We had a blast. We stayed at a rented beach house. We were able to watch the sunset on the beach. We played games one night...and yes I am smarter than a 5th grader. Team LeGrand/Ali and Team Jordan/Meagan made it to the million dollar question and each got them right. LeGrand demanded another million dollar question for both teams to answer to determine the true winner. Team Jordan/Meagan were declared the true winner. We finally found a game that Duane didn't beat us at. It was a ton of fun to play with the girls. The weather was fabulous...70s. The Sunday everyone was here, we blessed the baby. Jordan ended up with a kidney stone the day after Christmas. He passed it that Sunday evening. He came for church and was able to bless Callie. He then had to go home because he was feeling awful. That is why there is no family picture on the day she was blessed. Jordan has stopped drinking sodas in hopes of having no more babies (kidney stones).

My grandma made the blessing dress. It is gorgeous!


Jodie said...

Oh wow! That dress is beautiful!