Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Answer to Prayer

Jordan received a call back finally from Berg Pipe (he applied there the first week he was laid off). We were so excited because it was killer money. He called me after his interview to tell me that they wanted to hire him. They even offered college reimbursement. There was a problem...the schedule. It rotates every 3 weeks. There is no way for him to go to school and take this job. I was devastated! I knew that there is no way for him to take this job, but it sure was good money and we could totally use the money. After accepting the fact that he could not take this job, we were both bummed for the rest of the day. Then Jordan received another call. Okay, Jordan had not yet received a call back in the entire month of June. We were so excited! It was for a job that he applied for the first week he was laid off as well. It's a company called Del Jen that the Air Force Base uses to do the landscaping and grass cutting for on base. This job has great hours 6-2:30. It is seasonal and ends in September (how great would it be for him to work the summers while I still get my teacher pay??). It works out perfectly for his schooling. He will even be making more money than he was at Century Boats (only by 2 cents...HAHA). With the holiday (Independence Day) being the week he interviewed, it has slowed the hiring process down because the military likes to take a very long weekend then. Jordan will start this coming Monday. Hooray! This is definitely an answer to so many prayers.